Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thunderbay free day!

Thunderbay... This is on Lake Superior! What a giant body of water!! We flew over it for a hundred miles! Upon arrival yesterday afternoon, I saw the bay still frozen along the shores. There were snow plowed roads and a drifting of new snow. Today, the snow is melting as fast as the green shoots of spring try to force the issue. This is spring ya'know... The teenagers are in flip-flops tip-toeing through the bits of white stuff and running water. While packing and re-packing trying to find some way to miraculously drop 20 pounds off the total weight limit for Bearskin Airlines, I discovered the fact my pro hand held stapler and the full pack of staples were NOT a match! I had grabbed the wrong box. A mission was immediately designed with a trip to the airport checking in my luggage…I only had to pay $28.00+tax for overweight, caught a bus to downtown, (with transfers) AND found a Staples!! (the store)…With a name like that they just had to have the most unusual sized staples for my hand stapler in existence….Right? After harassing the store manager for 35 minutes opening this one and that one… I was ready to buy another dang stapler… he whispered, “check next door at Lowlerys.” With great expectations, I scrambled across a four lane highway and running into the store with scarf flying, I begging for a miracle. It was granted! *****I will arrive at the Mask-making Workshop with a fully loaded stapler! You’re thinkin’ what’s the big deal? Think about it…91 masks made in 58 minutes for 91 excited 3-4th grade students! I catch my flight to Kenora at 5:00PM… bags are checked, I’ll hide my stapler+3 pounds of staples in my jacket. My carry on can only be 10 pounds…my computer and projectors weighs more than that! Cheers!

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