Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taking off at 7:30 from Kenora, I was sad to leave! The town is just beautiful and the people kind and generous with their hospitality. It was a beautiful sunny morning with a nip in the air. Passing several deer along the way nibbling the fresh new grass, the promise of spring was becoming a reality. The flight was fast… I slept through it. Arriving in Thunderbay, once again, felt comfortable. A wonderful librarian picked me up from the hotel and we hurried to a majestic old library 100 + years old. A bright cheery and excited class met me there and we had a splendid time. They made me feel like a very special person lining up for an autograph! And then….. CBC Radio Live! WOW! What a thrill! I don’t know what I said but Cathy Alex, the radio announcer, was brilliant! What a conundrum!! How can 10 minutes last so long and fly by so fast! Tomorrow I have two flights and arrive at Pickle Lake! I can’t wait!

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