Sunday, May 5, 2013

Caroll Simpson Book Tour 12 days ->8,000 Miles Round Trip I am humbled to be chosen, along with some of Canada’s best authors, illustrators and storytellers, to visit schools, libraries, and community centres across Canada. I will be getting onto 20 planes to 17 towns and 21 venues in northern Ontario! Sharing my new book, The Salmon Twins, will be my main subject matter. Evolving around that, I have writer/Illustrator workshops for high school students & writer’s clubs, a couple of Drama workshops AND my favourite… a mask making workshop for 91 elementary students. Bounding on my first flight, May 4th, I’ll be leaving Victoria on the ‘Red-eye’ … 6:45AM. You know that means, check in time is 4:30AM wholllly molllley! (Alright get over it… my impeccable editor Grenfell Featherstone has refused to edit my blog ;-) One of the tiny planes only allows a total of 53# of luggage! (I swear, I’m flying with 5 plane companies…some of the best in the AIR…. Bearskin Airlines and Wasaya Airways! Don’t tell my Dad he will have a fit! Leaving Victoria, BC and arrive at 7:42PM. Doesn’t that sound like 12 hours?? I can go to Germany in 9hrs. LOL… I wonder if the diligent Heritage house publicist Neil Weiden, knew what I was in for when he submitted my book. I sure didn’t. I have no idea how many hours I’ll be in the plane because they put the dang thing on a 24hr. clock and threw in a couple of time changes!! All I know is I’ll be stopping over in Toronto to change planes and have 2 more hours to Thunder Bay, where I will spend my first night. I know it sounds crazy but, you all know me therefore you will not be surprised when I say, I’m a little excited, to say the least! Stay tuned……… ;-) Saturday, May 4 Fly from Victoria, BC to Thunder Bay, ON.

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