Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 11-12th Upon landing I saw a large variety of beautifully coloured float planes. There were piles of pontoons, waiting patiently under a blanket of snow, for the wheeled planes from the south… to fly north for the summer. My arrival to Pickle Lake was a little stressful due to the fact the plane was ½ hour late and my presentation was due to start in five minutes! The driver was not there. Starting to sweat…. Heather, the librarian arrived. She had anticipated the delayed flight and set back the schedule to accommodate the new agenda. Everything was very well planned. The students had reviewed my books and had done some amazing book reports including artwork quite surprising for the age bracket. As a matter of fact, the student in Pickle Lake School showed a remarkable amount of talent collected in such a small school! I wasn’t able to get enough photos to show the amount of talent but will include a few. Coming out of the school Friday afternoon, I was hit with a spring snow flurry. It was so cold. The wind blowing the snowflakes in a horizontal angle made you dizzy. The lake at the end of the road gave no sigh of releasing the ice cover. My town library presentation was fun. I met some beautiful people who home-schooled their children and were happy to give their children the opportunity to visit with an author. There were also teachers from another small school I was not able to visit due to lack of time. Having five flights tomorrow I land at my new home base, Thunderbay. I will have one presentation and scoot off to the airport and take two more flight. Arriving in Red Lake, I am positive I’ll sleep good.

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