Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I was looking forward with great trepidation the day on my calendar marked 7 flights. Much to my pleasure the day went off without a hitch! Leaving Pickle Lake via Wasaya Airways at 7:45, the 14 passenger prop Beech Craft was fully loaded. It was a sunny day and the iced lakes in the massive view above were glistening with the promise of spring. Flying northeast for a few hundred miles we landed in Landsdown House on what looked like a dirt landing strip. Then, we carried on to Webequie even farther north. Once in the air the plane flipped a Uie, banking hard to port, we tested the seatbelts. Our new heading was due south. We stopped in Summer Beaver and Fort Hope. And finally after hundreds of miles in both directions we landed in Thunderbay. I had a delightful experience visiting with the children that afternoon. Amazing how wonderful it felt to be a live ;-) Shot back to the airport to catch another plane this time with Bearskin… I heard someone refer to it as ‘Scare-skin.’ Heading northwest we landed in Sioux Lookout. This must be a hub. I had landed there before. Arriving in Red Lake, my ears were ringing. I had experienced most and the best flights ever.

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