Monday, May 6, 2013

Flying to Kenora ON

My Bearskin Airways flights were perfect! And thrilling!! Coming into Ft. Frances, I thought we were going to land on a soggy mudflat. But the instant we touched ground the pavement appeared! Taking off I used up my allotment of adrenalin for the next 10 years! Staying in one spot, the pilot…who I could see plainly…revved up the engine then poured on the throttle holding the plane at a stand-still, the released the breaks, (or whatever) and the plane shot into the sky in a slit second!!! Looking back the runway was the size of a postage stamp! In the air all the lakes were frozen. The visibility was terrific and as far as the eye could see the land was ice bound. Coming into Kenora, the landing was the same…. Short! With all the braking power put to the test with just the wee bit of runway left. Flawless I might add. No lumps or bumps. After viewing the frozen landscape for hundreds of miles all around, I was surprised to see the lake in Kenora free from ice! Looking up I could see hundreds of water fowl flying from all directions and landing onto the only open water for who knows how far in all directions! I had four classes today with the happiest children! All glad to see spring on the way and so welcoming! Posters were up all over the halls in both schools. Just perfect students with the most perfect questions! Tomorrow I visit another school and share a reading and two workshops! A mask making and a Drama workshop!!!

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