Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Journey to Sierra Trinidad, Baja California Sur, Mexico

April 10th.2017
Nestled along the oasis palm tree lined Mulege River is the pueblo called Mulege. This is where we met our cheery guide Salvador. The four of us jumped into an empty, very clean and polished, beat-up 12 passenger van with miss-matched red velvet seats. As we bounced along the boulder filled arroyo, it was easy to see the horrendous damage a hurricane can cause in just a few hours. We were told much of the devastated trail had once been partially paved road! Passing through areas on the lower banks of this oasis were orange groves and tropical flower lined driveways to ranchos. Many goats and fat cattle allowed us passage to romp over the rocky trail with dust filling every crevasse. Stopping at a beautiful ranch we let the dust settle before opening up the van doors. A wave of orange blossom fragrance washed over our dust covered bodies. Gathering a hand full of oranges and walking up a well worn trail, we ate the organic citrus. To our surprise we saw ancient petroglyphs along the trail. Stopping in route to wash our hands and faces in pools of cool clear water we gazed up at the deeply carved canyon closing in on us. Coming around a monster boulder we see a small skiff waiting on shore of a deep aqua coloured pool. Two at a time we paddled around another giant boulder the size of a small house. Waiting for the rest of our small group we stood in wonder. What a glorious place in the middle of the dry dessert. Water, plants, Red dragon flies and noisy frogs filling the cool shaded banks..... Wow! Time stood still, and then we saw the Trinidad Paintings. A 7,500 year old masterpiece. The Trinidad Cave Paintings.

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