Monday, December 6, 2010

Author's Event

December 6th. Presented The First Mosquito at the Selkirk Montessori School
in Victoria. Brilliant students! I learned allot! And the staff and children enjoyed the reading, replicas and question & answer period.

Susie Rialp
Selkirk Montessori School
2970 Jutland Rd., Victoria
B.C., V8Z 4H4

January 13, 2011

To whom it may concern,

A few weeks ago, Carol Simpson visited our school and inspired the students with her awesome presentation and contagious enthusiasm. Carol is an authority of the First Nations legends. Her handcrafted artefacts carry a personal inspiring story. Her book is filled with native legends that fascinate the children, and draw insatiable curiosity and an enthusiasm for learning.
Our students were so engaged in her lesson that the time went fast. They asked several questions, and were inspired to draw and read more about the First Nations culture. They learned native symbols and beliefs that gave them a glimpse of a very unique way of life. Best of all, the children were able to recall details that normally would be easily forgotten. This shows that Carol made a lasting impression on the children.
We highly recommend Carol Simpson to your school.


Susie Rialp

RBC Museum in Victoria

November 18th. I was invited to 'read' my new book at The Royal British Columbia Museum. What a wonderful venue! Heritage House, Touchwood, Brindle and Glass and RBC Museum Publishing all presented their new books and authors. The combination of effort really paid off, it was a splendid event.

Certainly an experience I will remember a long time.

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